Original Batman Drawings to be sold!


Feature article in Alter Ego #162 By TwoMorrows Release Date 11/27/2019.
My Father's name, Frank Foster, is featured on the cover and inside his Original Batman drawings are displayed along with a great write-up. Link to full feature: https://issuu.com/twomorrows/docs/alterego162preview

Above is a 2004 unedited video interview of Ruth Foster, Frank Foster II's wife at age 97 recalling the time of her husband's creation and attempts to sell his drawings and the original Batman idea.

In 1975, Frank's wife Ruth gave a statement regarding the Preparation of drawing and coining the name "Batman."

Text of the statement (PDF Download)

On July 20, 1975, Frank Foster wrote to old friend Byron MacDonald regarding the drawings. On August 4, MacDonald replied that he remembered the drawings from the time that the Fosters were living in New York in the 1930s.

Text of the letters (PDF Download)

On August 20, 1998 the Boston Globe published a story about the Fosters and Batman

The photo shows Ruth Foster displaying the drawings.


In an in depth featured article by Will Murray in the "Comic Book Marketplace" No 66 January 1999 was written following the Globe story.