Original Batman Drawings to be sold!

The Drawings

Frank Foster III stated:

"On October 12, 1995 at 1:00 PM, accompanied by attorney Bernard Sykes, I brought the drawings to DC Comics in New York. There we met with then executive Vice President Paul Levitz and the attorney for DC. As I was verbally defending the authenticity of my father's drawings Mr. Levitz was closely scrutinizing them and interrupted me and held his hand up saying 'I accept that these drawings are authentic and are what you claim them to be'. He also allowed that he wouldn't be surprised if in fact Bob Kane HAD seen them. Then to our amazement he said, 'How can I help you?'.

We were stunned and speechless at this unanticipated response and left there being nothing more to say. No one who has seen the drawings has ever questioned authenticity. Authenticity has never been an issue."

Mr. Levitz is an expert learned historian in the field, and later became president of DC.

These are the only surviving drawings of Frank Foster's 1932 Batman.

These first Batman drawings by Frank Foster are dated 1932. They were most likely done in the early part of the year toward the end of his time in Art School. Frank’s wife, Ruth, is certain she knew about it prior to their marriage in July, 1932, seven years before Bob Kane’s Batman appeared.

On the back of this panel of drawings, is the notation:

Full Back Side Picture:

Written in Frank Foster’s hand, there is the date “1932”, which indicated the year Batman was created, and there are the names, “Batman” and “Night-Wing”. There is a check mark next to “Batman.” In his 1975 interview, Foster explains it this way:

“That’s [Night-Wing] just some sort of alternative thought I had at the moment, and then I checked off Batman because I thought that was a better name.”

("Nightwing" later emerged as a comic book character that evolved out of Batman's sidekick, "Robin".)

The word, “Village” refers to Greenwich Village in New York. At the end of school in 1932, Frank went to New York to look for work and visited a friend, Julian Marson, who lived in Greenwich Village at the time. It was there that the name "Batman" was decided on.

Nightwing & Raven