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Nightwing and Raven

The notation on the back of Frank Foster's Batman drawings shows that he considered two names for the character he created. The alternative name he considered was "Night-Wing".

"Nightwing" emerged as a superhero in DC Comics as an evolution of Batman's sidekick, "Robin".

At the same time as Foster developed the Batman drawings, he also experimented with some other ideas. The only other surviving drawing is a partial "Raven" panel:

On the back of this panel is the notation "1931 NY" and the names of several of Frank's friends, including Pete MacDonald, Byron MacDonald's brother, who was mentioned in Byron's 1975 letter to Frank Foster.

A partial panel of a "Raven" comic, circa 1940.

In the early 1930s, Frank Foster drew and named cartoon characters that were eventually published by others, starting with Batman in 1939.

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