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"They Stole Batman!"

Who really created the first Batman?

The first Batman drawings were created by Frank D. Foster II in 1932. This was the year he finished attending Mass Art School in Boston and married Ruth Hardy. Classmate Al Capp asked Frank to collaborate with him to help draw a hill-billy cartoon strip he would call "Lil Abner". Capp interested Frank in creating cartoon characters but Frank wasn't impressed with the hill-billy idea idea and decided to pursue the idea of a new super hero. The first ever and only hero of the night. "Batman".

In following years they moved to New York and Frank showed his work around to the comic book publishers. They lived on East 53rd street just a few blocks from DC publications at 480 Lexington Avenue between 46th and 47th streets. Although there is no hard physical evidence, there is little room for doubt that people at DC saw the drawings. Most likely it was Bob Kane himself who was at DC at the time and claimed credit for creating Batman.

Original Batman

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